Hydrate winter skin with Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream

Dry skin be damned!  As I sit in a very snowy and cold part of the northeast, my skin is thanking me for bringing Vichy’s cult classic moisturizer: Aqualia Thermal Rich Creme.  Fancy hyarulonic acid ingredients draw moisture to your skin while the famous Vichy Thermal Water helps protect your skin against damage.  My recently very sensitive skin loves how gentle the cream is and it absorbs so fast I can throw sunscreen right on top.  Moisturized skin is happy skin………. and always makes you look younger.  Also… it comes with a wallet friendly price at about $31 per jar.

Aqualia Thermal

Stay warm!  xoxo


Winter Skin Saver: Argan Balm

Hello all of my beauty Junkies!  Apologies for the hiadous, my day job has seriously kept me busy the last two months.  Shall we get down to business?

I always battle serious dry patches on my skin during the winter months, and this season I am toting around Josie Maran’s Argan Balm.  I LOVE  that Argan oil is loaded with essential fatty acids and Vitamin E; it nourishes the skin gently and effectively.

It’s been a life saver on my hands as well as the nose.  Last but not least, do not neglect your cuticles during the winter (or ever really)!  This balms fits perfectly in any makeup bag and won’t spill or burst like a lotion can.

Josie Maran Argan Balm

Josie Maran Argan Balm

Dry hands… thanks to winter.

Ugh.  It’s that time of year again.  The time of year where each time I wash my hands they SCREAM in agony due to the cold temperatures and dry air… and therefore cracked skin.

You may remember my post from earlier this year on How to Save Dry Winter Hands, and well I have an addition to make!  Wearing gloves to wash the dishes is a fantastic idea year round, as excessive water exposure weakens nails and ironically dries out your skin.

To protect those amazing extremities of yours, purchase a pair of rubber gloves (latex free options are easily available nationwide too) to use when washing dishes and handling household cleaning products.  Before you slip the gloves on, SLATHER on your favorite emollient lotion and/or healing ointment and go to town.  The extra warmth from the dish water will help the products absorb better under the gloves; almost like a mini spa treatment!

Have a dishwasher and a housekeeper?  Throw on some cotton gloves or socks over your lotioned-up hands at bed time.