Marc Jacobs Beauty

Oh la la do I love this new makeup line!  Sexy packaging combined with lush formulas = must buy.

marc jacobs beauty

Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara is one of the most impressive mascaras I’ve seen this year.  The liquid gel formula combines E-lash-tic Lash™ technology with a uniquely shaped brush to coat all lashes giving them serious volume and length.  It’s so strange to see this viscous of a mascara come out of a tube, however it does not bleed during application.  What I also love is that your lashes remain soft the entire day so you have the option to build later on.  I def suggest using eye makeup remover to take it off b/c I’ve found it to fall off similar to the way tubing mascaras do… cleanser just doesn’t do a good enough job alone.

Lip Vinyl Full has such an awesome texture, I am amazed each time I put it on.  It’s quite opaque (in a good way) but is by no means thick and petroleum-like.  The plumping ingredients give you just the slightest amount of tingle to make your pout fell fresh.

Highliner is a super sleek gel liner that literally glides on for you.  And how sexy is the silver packaging?  Super futuristic.

Plush Shadow palettes give you intensely silky color with superb staying power.  Both the trios and the sets of seven showcase colors that pair beautifully together, you can’t screw a combo up.

Grab these gorgeous items and others from the line at Sephora!!!!  If you will only splurge on one item for now, I beg of you to get the Lash Lifter mascara!!!


A wallet friendly MEGA volumizing mascara

So… while I adore and use every last drop of my super spendy mascara, let me also introduce you to a major find at Target: Maybelline’s The Rocket Volum’ Express mascara.  As implied by the name, your lashes get serious circumference and length from the formula.  My favorite part is the brush- with short spindly bristles that define and separate your lashes like a pro.  It does require eye makeup remover to come off, but thankfully won’t turn your now seductive lashes into hard spiky things.  I’m two months into my tube and still no clumps or flakes.  Yeah for drugstore finds!

volumexpress Maybelline the Rocket Volum Express Mascara Wand

A spendy mascara worth every single penny

I. Love. This. Mascara. So. Much!!!  Chantecaille Faux Clis Mascara has surpassed every wish I’ve ever had in a tube of mascara- and it darn well better for $42!

Thanks to my beloved Birchbox, I received a deluxe sample size in a box this fall.  I fell so hard for this mascara that I purchased my own tube once my sample disappeared.  The bristles on the brush are soft and pliable yet the perfect stiffness to soak up the proper amount of formula and then apply evenly across your lashes.  Red Seaweed Extract keeps the formula and your lashes soft, never cakey for a sultry look.  Seriously, no clumps or flakes EVER.  You’ll achieve a lovely combination of volume and length with Faux Clis, all the way to the bottom of the tube.  Trust me, I used every last drop.

faux clis mascara by chantecaille

faux clis by chantecaille

Mega Plush Mascara from Maybelline

Get the “i can’t tell if those are her lashes or just naturally gorgeous and i am so jealous of hmega plush mascara from maybellineer lashes” mascara!  New from Maybelline: Volum’ Express The Mega Plush Mascara
Maybelline’s first ever gel mousse mascara is hands down a glorious tube of non-flaky love for your eyes.

mega plush mascara from maybelline

Volume Plumping Mascara from E.L.F.

I love E.L.F. products because they allow you to play with the latest and greatest makeup trends without going broke.

Check out their Volume Plumping mascara loaded with lash conditioning Vitamin B if you are in a pinch, and need something to get you through a vacation.  Why do I suggest is this way?  Well… the formula is totally great, you get full lashes with ELF Volume Plumping Mascaratwo or three coats.  The downside is that the packaging on the tube is so flimsy that I had trouble sealing it shut after a week.  But then again, who cares if it’s only $3?

Hence why I think it’s a great vacation mascara that you don’t have to commit to and don’t need to worry about if it gets left in the hotel room.

Another Drugstore Mascara Winner- Boots Botanics

La-la-la-long lashes!  Allow me to introduce Boots Botanics Volumizing Mascara.  B5, Rice Bran, and green tea extract to protect and keep ’em smudge free.  Carnauba to lengthen.  It does the job, is available at the store that has everything, Target, and costs around $7.  No complaints here- I love cheap thrills.