A little Black Magic is a good thing

Happy Holidays lovies!  Yes it’s been a while, but rather than bore you with the details as to where I’ve been lets spend our time together discussing my favorite topic: mascara!

Eyeko is the British makeup brand that makes lovely eye products, such as this sexy little Skinny Liquid Eyeliner.  I have been unable to put down their Black Magic Mascara which gives you crazy amounts of volume (drama) and curl (check out the wand)… as the packaging so correctly states.  Even better: the mascara is free of parabens, keeps my lashes soft for the entire day because of shea butter, and comes off easily with any face wash at night.  I get crazy amounts of lashes with 2-3 coats… and my other favorite factor: no flakes ever.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara Eyeko Black Magic Mascara


Voluminous Million Lashes Excess

I was super pumped when I saw this mascara was coming on the market.  Given my lovely experience with VML (the original) I had to get my hands on the next gen.  After stalking Walgreens and Target for what seemed like ages, Voluminous Million Lashes Excess finally arrived.

Great brush with the plastic bristles that I love so much for separating to coat and creating lots of drama.  I have to be honest… I was a bit disappointed because I was hoping for more.  This formula feels a bit heavier than the first VML and therefore does more thickening than give you any lengthening at all.  I would buy it if you need to really thicken what you already have- def a worthwhile purchase!

Voluminous Million Lashes Excess

Another Drugstore Mascara Winner- Boots Botanics

La-la-la-long lashes!  Allow me to introduce Boots Botanics Volumizing Mascara.  B5, Rice Bran, and green tea extract to protect and keep ’em smudge free.  Carnauba to lengthen.  It does the job, is available at the store that has everything, Target, and costs around $7.  No complaints here- I love cheap thrills.

New Year’s Resolutions: Movie Star Lashes!

Happy New Year lovies!  Did you enjoy your Holiday season?  Were you spoiled rotten by your loved ones?  There’s no question that I was.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with those special people back on the east coast.

So it’s the Monday after the New Year, and I want to know if you’ve made any beauty resolutions for yourself?  If you are going to start somewhere, I might suggest dressing yourself with Hollywood Starlet worthy lashes everyday.  MyGlam sent me a deluxe sample of Tarte Cosmetic’s Lights, Camera, Lashes in my December bag… OMG!  Love it!

I just adore the fact that Tarte refers to this  mascara as a “push-up bra for your lashes” because it lengthens, curls, volumizes and conditions them all in one Super Star formula!  According to Tarte, this  mascara is clinically proven to beef up your lash volume by 424%.  Can you handle that?  In my experience, these claims couldn’t be more true.  I love the results with this mascara, and only use two coats as opposed to my usual four.  Each swipe comes out clean, no clumps, and you see instant beautiful results.  Like all other Tarte products, results are achieved with environmentally friendly ingredients:

  • carnauba wax: emollient derived from the leaves of the carnauba palm this natural wax ensures a smooth application
  • high-performance naturals™: ground-breaking eco-technology; earth engineered™ formulas deliver clinically-proven results using unique and proprietary blends of 100% natural ingredients
  • mineral pigments: colors and dyes derived from natural minerals have been know to soothe and soften the skin
  • olive esters: conditions, treats and protects lashes
  • provitamin B5: vitamin B derivative that treats and thickens lashes
  • rice bran wax: natural wax that helps lengthen lashes
  • water: pure water delivers and retains moisture

According to Tarte’s site, they are currently sold OUT of this mascara.  Sephora.com still has it, and you might want to also try your local store.

Glam it up ladies!

“Tube” your lashes with blinc

This post is LONG overdue for my dear friend Katie V.  She is a fan of blinc mascara, and now I am too!!

I received a tube of this mascara in my October Birchbox (gosh I love this program- go sign up if you haven’t already!).  There are a few awesome things about this mascara.  Ironically, I’m not starting with the formula itself.  The way blinc designed this tube and brush combo is brilliant because, each time you remove the wand from the tube the brush comes out 100% clump free.  Really!  Whatever is going on in there, you can feel it clean the brush for optimal application.

So now we obviously need to discuss the formula and what it does for lashes!  What makes blinc’s mascara so unique, is that rather than coat or paint your lashes like traditional mascara, blinc literally forms TUBES of product around each individual lash.  Pretty neat, huh?  My lashes get crazy long when I wear this mascara, and removal at night is a cinch.  The combination of water, my cleanser and gentle pressure helps remove the mascara, and you really can see the tubes in your fingers as you wash your face!  blinc is so gentle that no lashes get pulled or need extra scrubbing, my eyes (and I should mention I wear contact lenses too) don’t even notice that anything was there, and you never need eye makeup remover.  Cool beans.

Mascara Madness Purchase

Mascara Madness is going on at Nordstrom right now- that means Buy Two Get One Free!!

I saw Janys at the SF Nordstrom and purchased Bobbi Brown Extreme Party, Estee Lauder Sumptuous, and DiorShow Extase.  Which did you buy?

Happy Friday!

va-va-va-voom lashes from Tarte

Did you know that Tarte makes incredibly green cosmetics with “skinvigorating™ ingredients including” their “proprietary t5 super fruit complex™ (a blend of the five most active, free-radical fighting super fruits), vitamins, minerals and natural fruit and plant extracts.”  Well hot dang!

I already own a few eye shadow palettes (that are incredibly beautiful and maintain saturation all day long).  Being that I call my blog “iAMmascarajunkie” I of course needed to test out Tarte’s mascara!  This time I did something a bit different… I tested their primer too…

The Tarte multiplEYE primer uses a soy-amino protein to improve lash length and growth, and then caranuba wax and cellulose smooth and thicken lashes before the mascara arrives.  As with other primers, it’s white but does not dry out or go on clumpy.  The multiplEYE mascara gets two thumbs up for it’s use of cellulose, bees wax and soy proteins to not only thicken lashes, but to keep them soft and separated.  I always prefer the softer and feather-like look of lashes, as you can see below.  It’s absolutely more natural than tarantula eyes.  This duo is a winner with me and I’ll totally purchase them again.

Check out the pic below- apologies for the shadows.  I’m too modest to ask my sweetie to take these for me… so thanks for dealing 🙂