KMS FREESHAPE keeps your style , no joke.

This hair product is insane!  KMS California FREESHAPE completely blew my mind away as it claims to protect your hair from hot styling tools all the while keeping the shape until your next shampoo.  That is literally what happens.  No, seriously!  My sexy beach waves were in tact each morning, just like the first day, and the volume was restored thanks to my dry shampoo.  (And for the record, I only went three days between shampoos because of this amazing style keeper.)  A few spritzes in damp hair, then style with your dryer and iron etc, and you are good to go!

So brides… get thee a bottle of KMS FREESHAPE; and basically anyone that chooses to look their best should too.  Hop to it and have a great weekend!  xoxoKMS freeshape