Winter Skin Saver: Argan Balm

Hello all of my beauty Junkies!  Apologies for the hiadous, my day job has seriously kept me busy the last two months.  Shall we get down to business?

I always battle serious dry patches on my skin during the winter months, and this season I am toting around Josie Maran’s Argan Balm.  I LOVE  that Argan oil is loaded with essential fatty acids and Vitamin E; it nourishes the skin gently and effectively.

It’s been a life saver on my hands as well as the nose.  Last but not least, do not neglect your cuticles during the winter (or ever really)!  This balms fits perfectly in any makeup bag and won’t spill or burst like a lotion can.

Josie Maran Argan Balm

Josie Maran Argan Balm


Agran Oil + SPF = Josie Maran’s Daily Sun Protection

Argan Oil comes from the Argan Tree in the Atlas Mountain region; the oil contains natural polyphenols, Vitamin E, and Essential Fatty Acids all of which contain anti-aging properties.  Argan helps you restore life and beauty to your skin!  It is because of these benefits that Josie Maran chose to create a skin care and beauty line around Argan Oil.

I’m already a fan of how Argan Oil makes my skin feel from using Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Body lotion.  Yes… I’m a bit slow to jump on the Josie Maran train, but better late than never, right?  On one of my many trips to Sephora I purchased her Protect Daily Sun Protection with SPF 40.

I am so used to Daily Moisturizers with SPF taking a few minutes to absorb into my skin and having a greasy feeling.  How odd that a daily moisturizer with SPF based on Argan Oil did quite the opposite!  Two pumps of this moisturizer was plenty of product to cover my entire face, neck, and decolletage.  The product absorbed immediately into my dry skin, no greasy residue.  I’m incredibly happy with how my skin feels from using this, and my makeup appears takes on a lighter and more airy finish.  When I leave for Hawaii in two weeks I am absolutely taking this one with me!