Nars Fall 2013 Collection

I swung by the Fillmore Street location this weekend to check out the latest goodies from Nars, and left with a new eye look that I never would have tried on my own.

Nars Fall 2013 Collection

Nars Fall 2013 Collection

This fall Nars is introducing two new Larger than Life Longwear liners, four shadows, two polishes, brow gels AND brow pencils.  I asked my artist Laura to introduce me to a new daytime and office appropriate look using the new colors.  This is what we came up with:

nars fall 2013 shadows

Laura took a yellow gold (say WHAT?!?!) liner, Las Ramblas and lined my lower lid.  Not inside the water mark, but under the lashes.  This created a bright and awake look when worn alone… but I was still a bit hesitant.  Then, with a flat concealer brush, she patted a beautiful teal shimmer shadow called Bavaria over the gold liner.  On my lids she swept a light wash of Bavaria, and then added depth along the brow bone with Yamal; a very gray putty color.  To polish off the look Laura added a coppery-brown liner to the outside corners call Via De’ Martelli.  This was such a unique and fun look for me, but not so over the top that I have worn it to work already!  To play it up at night I would deepen the Bavaria and the liner… maybe even go for a winged look.

nars fall 2013


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