Summer Beauty Must Haves

Vacation time is in full effect now that July 4th is almost here!  Where is everyone going?  Hopefully somewhere filled with sun and fun and a few lovely cocktails.

Heading into the summer season calls for new products from head to toe.  Check out my Summer 2013 Beauty Must Haves:

  • Cleanser: Osea Malibu Ocean Cleasner is sincerely simple and I feel that it’s summer appropriate because of it’s star ingredient: red algae.  And simple is good; really good for my skin because the red algae allows for gentle cleaning and softening.  Your face is left feeling incredibly clean and fresh, not dry, and has no trouble taking off a full face of makeup.  All products from Osea Malibu are Vegan and therefore biodegradable… which is probably why it feels so good!
  • SPF Protection: The geniuses at Supergoop made preparing for summer weather EASY!  How?  Well they put together a City & Sand Sunscreen Travel tote that contains a super light and delicious SPF 30 Serum, SPF 30 Lip Balm that’s rich and hydrating, SPF 30 Face & Body lotion, and SPF 40 Antioxidant infused sunscreen.  You are automatically prepared for anything your summer adventures might bring you!  Another plus- all of these Supergoop sunscreens feel good going on and absorb fast so you are not left rubbing in a chalky white mess.
  • Hair: yes, don’t forget your hair!  Alterna’s Bamboo Beach line is awesome times one million.  The Summer Ocean Waves is my new favorite product to create that sexy-been-in-the-ocean-all-day hair.  This texturizing spray puts all others to shame because the Organic Bamboo Extract and Tahitian Coconut actually moisturize your hair while keeping it piecey.  That’s been my only complaint about other “beach wave” hair products- they are so drying!  What also rocks from the Bamboo Beach collection is the Sun Recovery Spray as it takes care to rejuvenate and uber-hydrate your locks after you’ve been in the sun or pool a little too long.

my summer beauty must haves

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