dark circle savers!

TimeWise Eye Renewal Cream TimeWise Moisture Renewal MaskHay fever has been outrageous here in the Bay Area this year, and I find myself using more and more concealer… as well as more and more netti pots!  Thankfully, Mary Kay sent me some goodies to help me look my best no matter how sneezey I feel.

  • TimeWise Repair Eye Renewal Cream– my first eye cream with a metal applicator that feels incredibly cool and soothing to the touch; this is certainly something that helps depuff my eyes in the morning and tighten the skin! It’s a few favorite.  
  • Mary Kay Concealer– helps camouflage the dark circles and my irritated nose
  • Facial Highlighting Pen- in my opinion this is more of a lightening product than a brightener because there is no shimmer to it.  The pen has been great for me to use in addition to concealer and on top of my cheekbones to really hide any redness well.
  • TimeWise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask- this mask has performed miracles where tissues have destroyed my face (i don’t care how much “lotion” is supposedly in there!!).  It is both soothing and cooling; containing chamomile extract and the uber powerful antioxident acai berry extra.

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