Sulfate-Fee Hair Care that works wonders

My stylist has been on me for a few years to start using sulfate free shampoo to make my hair stronger, thicker and healthier.  I’ve only half listened because just a few sulfate free systems have enticed me.  Products I tried in the past didn’t make my hair feel clean, dried it out too much, OR just plain didn’t condition at all.

Rahua Voluminous Shampoo

Rahua Voluminous Shampoo

When I read Elizabeth Dehn’s review on of Rahua’s hair care line, I knew it was a must try because she’s been on the hunt for much longer… and her recommendations are always spot on for me!

The Volumizing Shampoo lathers the way I want a shampoo to lather, but what’s more is that is rinses away easily leaving your hair squeaky clean.  I purchased the regular Conditioner, at Beauty Bet’s  suggestion too, because it offered more conditioning than the Volumizing Conditioner.  My hair felt like silk after rinsing it out, and when it came to drying my hair I felt (maybe even looked) like a bombshell.  I was hooked!  Great volume and a wonderful healthy soft shine.

I’ve been using both for a month now and I notice significantly less breakage in the shower, have had a dozen people comment over the last few weeks about how healthy and beautiful my hair looks, AND at my hair appointment this past Friday my stylist was in awe at the excellent condition of my follicles from root to tip.

If you prefer to wash your hair daily like I do- sulfate free is really the way to go.  Rahua’s products are 100% vegan, derived from Rainforest ingredients, and therefore 100% natural.  Don’t think it’s worth it?  I’ll give you the number to my stylist and she’ll convince you.

Rahua Conditioner

Rahua Conditioner


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