A spendy mascara worth every single penny

I. Love. This. Mascara. So. Much!!!  Chantecaille Faux Clis Mascara has surpassed every wish I’ve ever had in a tube of mascara- and it darn well better for $42!

Thanks to my beloved Birchbox, I received a deluxe sample size in a box this fall.  I fell so hard for this mascara that I purchased my own tube once my sample disappeared.  The bristles on the brush are soft and pliable yet the perfect stiffness to soak up the proper amount of formula and then apply evenly across your lashes.  Red Seaweed Extract keeps the formula and your lashes soft, never cakey for a sultry look.  Seriously, no clumps or flakes EVER.  You’ll achieve a lovely combination of volume and length with Faux Clis, all the way to the bottom of the tube.  Trust me, I used every last drop.

faux clis mascara by chantecaille

faux clis by chantecaille


4 thoughts on “A spendy mascara worth every single penny

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  4. I loosened my purse strings and purchased this mascara from Bloomies a few weeks ago. It really is worth every penny…I have light blue eyes with red/blonde eyelashes so I always feel like I need eyemakeup to look you know….alive. However, this is the first mascara I’ve found that I feel totally comfortable and fresh-looking without any other eye makeup on. Just wearing this alone is a great natural yet feminine look that still brings attention to my eyes…which are one of my best features when highlighted right. I’ve seriously been going to work the past week with just the mascara and some powder on. The smell is great too (not that anyone is going around rating the sniff factor of mascaras) but the rose water gives it a lovely scent! Great tip, MascaraJunkie!!! 🙂 Keep em’ coming..

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