Multi-tasking Stain from RMS Beauty

It’s always such a pleasure to find a product that can be used in multiple ways, like this Lip2Cheek stain from rms beauty!

rms beauty lip to cheek

rms beauty lip2cheek

All six shades can be applied on both the lips and (duh) cheeks, with easy buildable color that is guaranteed not to bleed.  The dewy formula leaves you looking fresh and youthful, not dull like it’s traditional counterparts.  A superficial bonus- the color lives in a gorgeous glass tub that wont spill all over your bag in, and looks sleek in the hands.

New to rms beauty?  RMS makes it a point to source the safest, most natural ingredients that actually work!  How can you go wrong with something that contains coconut oil, shea butter and bees wax?  Also worth checking out is the Living Luminizer to brighten and lighten.

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