Anti-Aging Facial from Burke Williams Spa

Earlier this summer Burke Williams Spa released Youth Cell Activator to their skincare line.  The plant based stem cell  blend prompts your skin to increase natural cell hydration, elasticity and collagen production all within about two hours after use.

Burke Williams Spa San Francisco
Sound enticing?  I was fortunate enough to receive the Anti-Aging Facial from the Burke Williams Spa in San Francisco which incorporates  the Youth Cell Activator along with Vitamin C serums and illuminating concentrates to firm and brighten and give your skin a “reboot” (as I am now calling it).  My aestetician, Heather, gently cleansed and Burke Williams Spa San Franciscomassaged in various products to my face.  All with hydration and antioxidant properties.  What was unique about this facial was that the Vitamin C, Youth Cell Activator and Illuminating serum were applied using an airbrush in order to ensure maximum distribution and absorption.

After I woke up (yes I snored towards the end of the treatment- so relaxing) my skin was a bit puffy from the acid and gentle exfoliation but certainly not irritated.  Heather recommended that I not wash my face before in order to let the serums continue to penetrate my skin, and since I was so darn relaxed from the treatment I went home, chugged water, and went to bed early.  The next morning my skin felt softer and looked more alive, which I attributed to the serums of course.  I maintained the glow for a few more days, and I would bet that if I used those products on a regular basis I might look even more youthful and energized.  More supple.
Burke Williams Spa San FranciscoThe spa itself was heaven; it was my first visit to the Burke Williams San Francisco and I was highly impressed.  The lounge had more amnesties than I expected- even hair ties of various sizes!  I took a little steam before my treatment, and even had the option to soak in the pool but chose not too.  Plenty of towels, flavored water, and tidbits.  Everything was impeccably clean and the staff was quite friendly.  I would strongly recommend Heather if you are in town and need a facial.  There is no question that I will be returning to her before the year is out!

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