My introduction to Becca Cosmetics

Oh I’m so excited!  Becca Cosmetics is a makeup brand I’ve been reading about from some of my fave beauty bloggers for a while.  NOW BECCA is being rolled out into Sephora stores and to give all saavy beauty fans a chance to experience the wonderful products they offer.

BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector is one of the greatest products I’ve used in a long time; it’s a sheer liquid highlighter Shimmering Skin Perfectorand moisturizer that is so light it allows for the most blend-able application.  No thick formulas to work in to the skin here.  Each morning I throw on my tinted moisturizer (or I don’t because I’m feeling lazy) and dab the liquid along my cheekbones and a smidge on my nose.  BECCA how on earth do you make it so seamless and natural looking?  You know I love my illuminating products, and since the Shimmering Skin Perfector is incredibly light, feel free to combine with your moisturizer without fear of looking like a disco ball!  And for those special tops that emphasize in all the right places, go ahead and blend on your neck and decolletage for luminous perfection.

beach tintLips stains are a must in my book because maintaining your lip color over a long period of time is non-negotiable.  BECCA’s Beach Tint is a creme stain meant to tint both lips and cheeks.  Because it’s a creme, I have noticed that the formula is less drying on my lips than it’s thinner counter parts.  Being enriched with Vitamin E might have something to do with it!  As I’ll be celebrating the Christmas Holiday from a Costa Rican beach this year you can bet I will be using this stain to keep me beach fabulous.

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