The sea is really good for your skin! Just ask Lush.

I’m never one to shy away from a cocktail, especially if it contains sea salt, vodka, lime and coconut.  I get a little skeptical when you throw some avocado in there, but then again that’s a phenomenal combo for a face LUSH ocean salt scruband body scrub!  For the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub LUSH combined both coarse and fine sea salt particles to get tough on blackheads while taking away dead skin cells.  The avocado and coconut hydrate your skin without leaving behind an oily residue… like some not yet mentioned scrubs.  And believe it or not, the vodka and lime are great at cleansing and killing any bacteria that wants to stick around.

One has to wonder, what Happy Hour accident occurred to the super smart folks at LUSH in order to discover that a yummy drink makes an even better scrub?  No judgement here, I’m just curious…

Ok then to calm your skin and mood down, I’m also digging Breath Of Fresh Air Toner, a soothing sea water spray that refreshes your skin when its tired.  It contains seaweed extract to soften, and rose absolute and aloe vera are soothing dry areas.  It’s a lovely combination of scents that brings you to your zen place.

LUSH breath of fresh air sea spray

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