Mission: Strengthen my nails

Over the last two years my nails have been incredibly weak, to the point where they constantly peel and break and just don’t look good unless i have a manicure.  Some part of me thinks this is due to the gel manicures I have gotten, but one would think that would pass over time.  I do get plenty of veggies in my diet and lean meats- so I am not sure what else I can do for diet.  Nonetheless, here I am with super weak nails and looking for any solution that doesn’t require a constant manicure.
I starting using Nail Tek II: Intensive Therapy last night.  According to the directions I am to put a coat on every night for a week, remove, then repeat.  The special protein formula is supposed to seal the layers of my nail together and fortify them.

Lets see how this goes….


One thought on “Mission: Strengthen my nails

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