I am going on a trip and I forgot to bring…

It’s summer time!  You are hopefully traveling.  What happens if you forget something in your beauty bag?

Try these quick fix suggestions to help you still obtain optimal gorgeousness without having to run to the nearest store:

  • Forgotten Shave Cream: smooth a bit of conditioner or oil on your legs in the shower (yes olive oil could even work in a pinch)
  • Forgotten razor: hope that someone else you are with has one and snag borrow it 🙂
  • Forgotten Sunless Tanner: combine body lotion with any bronzer for a very quick and temporary tan leg
  • Forgotten eye liner: take a q-tip and tap it on the top of your mascara tube to pick up a bit of color, then gently apply to your lash line for a sexy smokey look
  • Forgotten eye shadow: use lipstick or lip gloss!  (I never travel without a Nars Multiple for this reason btw…)
  • Forgotten blush: whatever pink/peach/rose colored gloss or lipstick will absolutely solve this problem too

What quick fix solutions do you use?  I would love to hear!

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