the weirdest beauty tip I have

Ok, I can’t believe I am going to own up to this and share it with you, but here goes.

If you ever find that your mascara is getting a little bit on the low side, or that for some reason it’s incredibly cold where you are doing your make up, I find that warming up my tube of mascara helps with easy application.  But HOW I warm it up is a little silly, and no folks it’s not dirty.  Since mascara is always the last step, I warm the tube up by simply resting the tube in my…. (drum roll)…cleavage during those 5 minutes.  Yes I said it, and now I’m totally embarrassed but my secret is out.  The warmth from my body and the “gals” loosens up the mascara to let me apply it as if it was the first time I opened it!

What’s a weird beauty tip that you have?


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