Change up your routine for Summer

As the weather gets warmer, our clothes get lighter and many of us spend a great deal more time outside.  Do you alter your skincare routine with weather?

This is what I do to adjust to being outdoors more and handle the increasing humidity.

  1. I move from a body butter to a body oil, like Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, as it’s a lighter and faster absorbing way to moisturizer my skin post shower.  Great for sensitive skin and post shaving too!  … oh and it makes your skin glow, hair conditioned… yes this is a multi-talented product.
  2. Blotting papers in my purse: even with dry skin, when it’s hot out and I start to “glow,” blotting papers always come in handy.  Try Boscia’s Green Tea Blotting Linens or Mai Couture Lavender Blotting Paper
  3. Sunscreen All over!!!  I LOVE Murad’s Oil-Free Sunblock in SPF 30 for my face as it provides high UVA/UVB protection AND when I’m out and about playing near the Pacific Ocean Murad’s Waterproof Sunblock SPF 30 that is perfect for the active person.
  4. To piggyback on the above I also make sure my lip balm is protecting me from damaging rays too. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments all have SPF 15, Burt’s Bee’s Sun Protecting Lip Balm with SPF 8, and the always adored Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 with SPF 4 and there is also an SPF 15 available.

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