My love affair with a Jurlique Cleanser

You should be a bit frustrated with me.  I’ve been using Jurlique’s Balancing Foaming cleanser for well over 8 months now and I KEEP forgetting to write about it!  This is a face wash that is just so good, I can’t keep it a secret any longer.

Gentle is the first word that comes to mind with this one- not once, in all of the Vitamin C serum testing and face masks and weird things that I put on my face, have I felt like the cleanser did anything to make my skin angry.

My skin feels clean.  It’s that simple.

Your face will look & feel radiant from the incredibly natural ingredients.

The Benefits:

  • Revitalizing cleanser that clears skin of impurities and leaves skin feeling clean and balanced.
  • Helps improve skin’s firmness and reduce visible signs of aging.
  • Provides intense hydration and antioxidant protection.

The Ingredients:

  • Ginseng Root helps firm the skin, while Rosehip Oil helps restore skin’s radiance.
  • Vitamins E, C and Ginkgo Biloba help to protect and restore skin.
  • Marshmallow intensely hydrates, softens and soothes.

(A little secret between you and me- I tried this cleanser after reading about it on IntoTheGloss)

Since we are heading into summer and you should ALL be slathering on extra amounts of sunscreen, I am certain that no other cleanser will help remove the buildup at the end of the day like this one- and you won’t feel scaly and dry afterwards.


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