Shades of Fame: Reflection High Gloss Lip Set

Hmm… how does one describe the best lip gloss to come across their desk in a while?  It’s challenging but I shall try.  The latest collection from Smashbox Cosmetics is called “Shades of Fame” giving you the perfect touch of color that will absolutely garner attention.  The Reflection High Shine Gloss Lip Gloss collection contains 5 shades perfect for ANY skin tone, and layer magnificently over your regular matte lip color to turn up the beauty factor.  The shine to grace your lips is smooth and gives your subtle color.

Available at, grab this can’t fail package to toss in your makeup bag and tote it with you everywhere!

Colors: Candy (bubblegum pink), Buff (nude), Hibiscus (fuchsia), Papaya (peach), and Star (pearlescent shine).

Reflection High Gloss Lip Gloss Set ($29): Every rising star needs the perfect pout. With this travel-sized collection of five lip glosses, you’ll have all the shades you need to get noteworthy lips, from delicate pink to bold fuchsia


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