The No 1 Tool you need to Define your Brows

I am obsessed with full and defined eyebrows.  I love that they are in season, and all over the runways and fashion magazines.

A month ago, my regular Nordstrom Nars Gal Miss Janys Lopez taught me how to define my brows with the Number 2 Brush from Nars.  The key to this brush is that the Nylon bristles are pressed together in a super tight and thin yet stiff line, making it easy to line your eye lashes or in my case my eyebrows.

To start the process, you need to find an eye shadow that’s the color of your brow hair, Bali works well for my coloring.  We have the brush, we have the color, so now it’s time to draw a solid line of color underneath your brow- right there at the bottom of the hair line or where you want the bottom to be.  Then, take the No. 2 brush (without adding more color on your brush) and flick/wiggle/smoosh the color up into your brow following the desired arch.  To make it more intense, repeat as necessary.  For the final touch, use a clean spoolie brush to smooth the rest of the color and your hair.  Done!

A cheaper option would be E.L.F.’s Studio Eyebrow Kit for only THREE DOLLARS!  I can’t lie, I sometimes use this with my Nars No. 2 brush. 🙂

If you learn one thing from this post: the brush makes the difference.  Go forth and purchase.


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