Nars Master Class Recap Part 2

3D skin has you intrigued, doesn’t it?  Janice Daoud confessed to us that of all those list of celebs we think have flawless skin, it’s all smoke and mirrors.  With the right use of makeup, no one is the wiser and here’s how to achieve it:

  1. Start with your Concealer stick- I am a super fair shade of Vanilla.  The shade should be 1.5-2 times lighter thank your actual skin tone.  Draw a V on your forehead, a V under each eye, then an upside down V under your nose spanning down into your frown lines.  Blend with your fingers.  (Note: all Nars products in a cream formula can be blended with your fingers.  The warmth from your fingers makes the product more emollient, thus spreading out on your skin easier)
  2.  Next, now this was a first for me, take a darker concealer stick like Cafe and draw a curve right under your cheekbones and blend in.  This was the most goof-proof way I’ve ever seen contouring done.
  3. To finish off your complexion, add your Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer only where additional coverage is needed during the daytime.  Or at night when you are more than likely wearing more intense colors, use Sheer Glow foundation to set the look appropriately and give you a satiny finish.

And that’s Janice Daoud’s secret to achieving 3d skin!

A few additional tips I learned and loved: to get skin that glows like J Lo’s, her secret is to mix equal parts Copacabana Illuminator into a blender with Creme de La Mer and apply.  For those of us looking to spend a wee bit less on a moisturizer, I would try Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar instead.

And last but not least using a nude eye pencil in your waterline, like Larger Than Life Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte, is the most effective way to counteract redness in your eyes and make it look like you slept a full 8 hours.  Yes, I’ve been doing this every day since and won’t ever turn back.  Nars please note- don’t ever get rid of this color or I will be one cranky lady.


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