Nars Master Class Recap Part 1

Oh Friday night was spectacular!!!  Nars Makeup Stylists Janice Daoud and Hank Hoffman shared tips and tricks with us, along with their favorite products from the Spring/Summer collection.  The Nordstrom staff was exceptional as always, welcoming us with open arms and cold champagne to start. 

Hank lead the workshop discussing his must have products:

  • Larger Than Life Lip gloss in Norma (vibrant cherry red) and Coeur Sucre (luscious hot pink)- this season it’s all about a wash of color, and the simplest way to incorporate color into your makeup routine is with a bold lip.  The beauty of these glosses is that you can make them as opaque as you desire, so it’s easy for all skin tones to find the appropriate shade.  They give you long lasting shine and color, with a redesigned shorter brush for easy application.
  • The Yachiyo Kabuki Brush contains tapered and loose bristles that are intentionally layered to blending and diffusing color onto your face.  When using the brush, the secret is to Pop and Pull down when applying color and not the sweeping motion we are all used to.

  • Last up on Hanks must have list is the Ita brush.  I love using this brush for bronzing, personally, and it was intentionally designed to give you ultimate control with short soft bristles.  Not only is it perfect for applying bronzer, but also your highlight color on TOP of your cheekbones.  Janice also showed us how to create the super fast smokey eye by pressing your deep navy shadow (or charcoal, black, forest green, etc) down on to your lash line.

Check back tomorrow for Janice’s tips on how to achieve 3D skin.  Trust me, it was a fantastic lesson.


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