SkinnyGirl does a body good!

The weather is getting warmer, and the clothes are getting shorter.  Before you know it, it’s time to get to the beach!  Well, like most women I could stand to firm up my backside and thighs a little bit because cellulite discriminates against no one.  UGH!

Bethenny Frankel, the creator of my favorite lo-cal margarita, has yet again expanded the Skinnygirl brand into skincare.  The item I’ve been using over the last month is Skinnygirl Body Solutions Smoothing and Firming Body Lotion.  I’ve never tried firming creams before, so my expectations were set incredibly low at the end of March.

The first thing I noticed about this lotion is that the perfume is WICKEDLY strong, it’s a musky floral that is crazy powerful, but thankfully evaporates after the first twenty minutes or so.  What I noticed next was, the circumference of the hole in the bottle is too narrow to properly get the product out.  (It’s actually more of a cream than a lotion, which is great because I prefer thicker products.)  I had to masacre the bottle every morning to get product out.

Blah blah, yes that’s not really about how effective the lotion was, so lets discuss, shall we?  I am amazing to see that after a month of use, my thighs absolutely appear smoother and less dimply.  It’s just that simple!  If the fragrence gets dialed down I would certainly buy this again, especially since my sensitive skin drank up the moisturizing ingredients from witch hazel and cranberry extract.

Pick up the enture Skinnggirl Body Solutions line at your local Walmart or!


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