My Allergy Season Face Savers

Holy helk the pollen and ragweed are out and about here in San Francisco, I can’t last a day without my allergy meds.  As if wreaking havoc on my sinuses and head weren’t enough, during allergy season my under eye circles get worse.  In order to combat the icky face, these are my go to tools to appear flawless and fresh :

  • Benefits’s Erase Paste– a thick and powerful concealer that stays put and hides the circles and red irritated nose. I prefer to apply with a brush and dab with my fingers for a natural look.

  • Benefit’s Eye Bright- the magical pencil that brightens up any spot on your face; a year round staple for me.  Use on the inner corners of your eyes and on the brow bone.

  • Benefit’s Hervana Blush- my FAVE blush of the year that counteracts any funny discolorations while giving me the perfect flush.

  • RMS Living Luminizer– a dewy highlighting cream to dab on my cheek bones to reflect light and help me look awake.


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