A Little Sin is OK

Do you have an eye shadow that you go to every single day?  I do, and I didn’t even realize it until I needed another pot within a few months!  Urban Decay’s Vintage Eyeshadow in “Sin” has been the color I’ve used as a stand alone or as a base color for most of my looks.

It gives you a subtle natural shimmer without looking too much like glitter; I feel as though it enhances my eyelid without looking like I have shadow on.  Sin offers the perfect canvas to create a smokey eye, a contoured eye, a nude eye… you get my drift.  Looks great with a smidge of eye liner on the outer corners too.

When I wear a bold lip, I throw on three coats of black mascara, my lip color and then this shadow- then out the door!  Wide awake and sultry.

Stila’s cult classic “Kitten” is close to Sin, but with a touch more pearl; or you should also try CoverGirl Champagne Eye Enhancers shadow.

One thought on “A Little Sin is OK

  1. I have the Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy, which is similar in tone based on the screenshot above, but does have little glittery bits in it. Blah blah “don’t use glittery stuff for daywear” blah blah wearing it now. 🙂

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