DiorShow Mascaras- hit or miss

When I test out new mascaras I make sure to use them for at least two weeks to see how they age once the tube is exposed to air.  My unscientific rationale for doing so stems from many tubes of mascara looking amazing and wearing beautifully the first day or two, then loosing their power after about a week.

Case and point: the original DiorShow mascara.  It’s safe to say that I’ve personally purchased around a dozen of the original formula over the last five years, and every single time the same thing happens.  My lashes are spectacularly long and feathery with fabulous volume- but by the end of the first week the mascara becomes insanely flaky.  Every single time.  I wear contact lenses and mascara flakes are thine enemy.  You may ask yourself, why spend $24 per tube times 12?  Yes, dumb though it may sound, I just love the way the mascara looks and feels after the first wear.  And I naively hope that with each purchase the mascara will last longer for me, and I am always left wanting more. (For the record I never pump the wand in the tube to avoid excess exposure to air, I ALWAYS close them super tight, and they are stored in a medicine cabinet in my half bath)

I took a risk this fall during a Nordstrom makeup event, and purchased DiorShow Extase.  A newer mascara to the line with claims of amplifying lash volume.  Dior’s Metamorphosis Powder contains little black pearls that cling on to each lash thus delivering plump lashes.  The claims are true, this mascara means business! I only really needed one coat to achieve the look I like.  Fast forward to 9 days later….. flake, flake, flake.  I am so frustrated that I spent $28 on this mascara and it doesn’t keep either!

My advice?  Avoid these mascaras, they aren’t worth the money.

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