Healthy Skin from Neutrogena

Raise your hand if you would like to start your morning with even, dewey skin that maintains a silky finish throughout the day.  That’s what I thought, you are all on board!

I was recently sent some samples from Neutrogena, and have been using the Healthy Skin Compact Makeup and getting compliments left and right.  I haven’t used compact makeup in years, and really liked how this formula went on very light, and blended with little effort.  Building up to your desired coverage level is effortless.  It also stayed the same texture and avoided drying out and flaking on my face.  I remember one of the first compact makeups in a brown rectangular package that lost moisture a few hours into wearing… blech!

Neutrogena is the only sunscreen we use in my house because of their proprietary Helioplex technology (and my guy likes the fast absorbing part too).  The short of it is, Neutrogena found a way to stabilize the best UVA blocker called Avobenzone and that in turn gives you the best broad spectrum protection out there.  Hence, why we prefer their sunscreen.  Why am I mentioning all this?  Because the Healthy Skin Compact Makeup comes with Helioplex in SPF 55.

Now… I happen to notice some comments from users on the site saying they burned while using this makeup despite presence of Helioplex.  My unsolicited two cents to those folks is that unless you are applying this makeup heavily around your face, then yes I would expect burning to happen.  I don’t use much of the make up, and therefore am not expecting much sun protection from just the compact so I do wear my regular sunscreen underneath.  Light coverage of the makeup equals light sun protection.

I was sent a number of other products in the Healthy Skin line, but since the shades were too dark for me, my friend Leah is testing them out.  So far, she’s a fan of the Brightening Eye Perfector and liquid makeup!  Stay tuned for her formal comments.


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