Ode to My Clarisonic

I will admit, I just received a Clarisonic Pro model for my Birthday a few weeks ago (December 2nd if you are curious).  I know, I’m a tad late in joining the party but it’s only because I thought my skin was pretty awesome without it, and a tool that expensive was not necessary.  THANK YOU to my adoring and sweet man who spoils me rotten, and grabbed me one for my Birthday this year! (thank you sweetie)

Please do allow me to sing it’s praises:

  • After one use you rid my nose of the pesky dry skin that appears during winter.
  • You clean my entire face in less time than I normally do with much more effectiveness.
  • My sensitive skin adores you every day.
  • My pores were small before, but you have now “beaten” them into submission.
  • I use you in the shower- thank goodness for waterproof technology.
  • You actually brighten my skin due to the gentle exfoliation.
  • You help my serums work with greater efficiency, therefore evening out my skin tone with ease.
  • You make me feel clean, plain and simple.


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