Gift Guide Week! Day 1

I hope that everyone survived Black Friday and had a fan-tab-ulous Thanksgiving Holiday!  Now it’s time for the fun part between now and the end of December- shopping!!!

Join me this week as I share some gift suggestions each day, but don’t blame me if you end up grabbing more goodies than originally planned 🙂

Gifts for the Ultimate Party Hostess:

  • Diptyque Candles- while a bit spendy, they burn evenly, smell heavenly, and the jar makes a beautiful makeup brush holder once the candle is empty.
  • Small Beautiful Pouch.  Is it a clutch or a makeup bag?
  • Hydrating Face Spray from Elizabeth Dehn; this sucker is loaded with essential oils and alcohol free so it won’t irritate .  An easy way to add extra moisture to your face during the day, and refresh your makeup. (yes I’m a face spray convert!)
  • Gorgeous Oval Soaps from Fresh- honestly there isn’t a bad choice in this lot.  The packaging is stunning enough that anyone would love to have this displayed in their bathroom, regardless of the soap.

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