“Tube” your lashes with blinc

This post is LONG overdue for my dear friend Katie V.  She is a fan of blinc mascara, and now I am too!!

I received a tube of this mascara in my October Birchbox (gosh I love this program- go sign up if you haven’t already!).  There are a few awesome things about this mascara.  Ironically, I’m not starting with the formula itself.  The way blinc designed this tube and brush combo is brilliant because, each time you remove the wand from the tube the brush comes out 100% clump free.  Really!  Whatever is going on in there, you can feel it clean the brush for optimal application.

So now we obviously need to discuss the formula and what it does for lashes!  What makes blinc’s mascara so unique, is that rather than coat or paint your lashes like traditional mascara, blinc literally forms TUBES of product around each individual lash.  Pretty neat, huh?  My lashes get crazy long when I wear this mascara, and removal at night is a cinch.  The combination of water, my cleanser and gentle pressure helps remove the mascara, and you really can see the tubes in your fingers as you wash your face!  blinc is so gentle that no lashes get pulled or need extra scrubbing, my eyes (and I should mention I wear contact lenses too) don’t even notice that anything was there, and you never need eye makeup remover.  Cool beans.

4 thoughts on ““Tube” your lashes with blinc

  1. Can we talk about the slightly messy application though? I found the product to be very WET, it was getting on my face while I was trying to apply. Did you encounter this at all, any suggestions? After that, I liked it, especially that it wasn’t flaking off at the end of the day.

    • Oooh interesting! I didn’t find this mascara to be wetter than any others I’ve tried, no. But I’ve read reviews that verify your experience. My suggestion would be, apply all of your eye makeup first, then apply your mascara and try desperately not to blink for 30 seconds.

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