A Blemish Solution on the Cheap

It happens to us all, I don’t care who you are.  We all get a blemish at least once in our life.  There is a super simple way to treat a blemish that doesn’t require any special trips to the store.

Got a bar of soap?

My freshman year roommate at Syracuse University (GO ORANGE!!) actually taught me this trick, and I still use it today.  It works.  Promise.

At night, wash your face like normal.  Then, take your index finger, dampen it under water and then rub your finger on a bar of soap (like Dove, Ivory, Loccitaine, almost anything you have) until you get a little soapy paste going.  Simply dab this soapy-paste-substance on your blemish and go to sleep.  I am certain that by morning, you will see a significant differnce in the size of your blemish and if you catch it early enough it could even disappear over night!

Now… I would try to avoid harsh soaps as they could potentially irritate your skin.  Hence why I prefer Dove bars.

Happy Friday  xoxo

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