My Hawaiian sunburn solution

Greetings from Kauai everyone!

Well, I’m a bit disappointed in myself.  I fully intended to pre-write a number of posts for this week while I am in Hawaii, but alas it never happened.  My day job has kept me busier than in months past, and then a few other personal things got in the way, making blogging impossible before we left.

So I sit here in my hotel room before heading to the spa for an Awakening Kauai Coffee & Sugar Ritual complete with full body massage, let me share how frustrated I am (anyone jealous yet?).  As you’ve read before, I’m incredibly vain about wrinkles and tend to be overly concerned with applying sunscreen to my face and body on beach trips.  Well this idiot did a shoddy job of reapplying sunscreen to my shoulders, upper back, and the skin near my under arms yesterday and it only took a 40 minute lunch where I thought I was in the shade to singe the crap out of my skin.  Le sigh.  My bra straps are torture devices right now.

Ok, so on to the point of this post.  Thank you for bearing with!  Last night before bed I slathered myself in my uber-hydrating products: I first spritzed my burned area with Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir for it’s microcirculation properties due to the essential oils.  Then, as I never travel anywhere without this, I rubbed Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate all over the burned areas because I know how it restores moisture and luster to my face with the Squalane and Lavender Essential Oil.  Lavender oil is also a great ingredient for soothing irritated skin.  Last, but not least, this was all sealed in by a healthy dose of Kiehl’s Creme de Corps as it contains lots and lots of coco butter and quenches skin well.

My burn is significantly less red this morning, but still hurts, of course there is never any immediate cure all for burns.  I am sure the spa treatment will help with repairing my skin too, so looking forward to what they suggest and apply.

We’re heading up to Princeville and Kilauea this afternoon while the guys golf… and all four of us gals will refrain from sunbathing today!  Tomorrow we’re taking a water tour of the Napali coast, and you can bet your arse I’ll be reapplying every 45 minutes.  (PS- I am loving the Neutrogena spray sunscreens with helioplex)

Until later my fellow junkies… xoxo


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