Get Loreal’s Telescopic Explosion for your lashes!

I love mascara!  It is my absolute favorite piece of makeup, and if stranded on a dessert island and only allowed one piece of makeup it would have to be a tube of mascara.  However, don’t ask me to tell you which tube it would be as that’s too hard to figure out.  So many excellent choices!

Speaking of excellent choices, lets check out Loreal’s Telescopic Explosion Mascara.  I was totally skeptical of this mascara because the brush is a round spiky ball.  A first for me.  Boy was I in for a surprise!  There is magic in this little ball!  For whatever reason, when you position the want vertically and brush against your lashes, the lashes come alive.  It’s almost like… your lashes explode in length and thickness!  Who would have thunk it.

No flakes late in the day either. The folks at Loreal ALWAYS know what they are doing with mascara, from their drugstore brands to prestige brands like Lancome.

I might suggest that you avoid using the want horizontally as that would make my lashes all clumpy and gross.


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