A KP Solution from DermaDoctor

I have always had little red bumps on the back of my upper arms, and a few of my doctors have confirmed it was KP.  In short, what happens is excess skin forms over the hair follicles creating the bumps.  Keritosis Pilarais (KP) affects 50% of the population, also know as Chicken Skin.  Not sure what I’m talking about? Click here.

Growing up I always thought it was acne, and used endless amounts of Acne Body Washes, Acne Scrubs, and AmLactin lotions, desperately hoping to clear up the backs of my arm.  Nothing has worked for my skin.  The last 5 or so years, I have done my best to accept it and wear clothes that expose my arms; since half the population has this skin condition, who cares?

Well… I’m heading to Hawaii in two and a half weeks, and I thought it was time to see if another solution might be out there.  I’ve noticed ads in my magazines for DERMAdoctor’s KP Duty line, and figured now was as good a time as any to give it a go.  Similarly, keratosispilaris.org lists the KP Duty line as a possible product to try.  Amlactin  lotion is also listed, but again, that product never proved to be effective for me.

Lets cut to the chase, both the KP.org forum and users on reivews.sephora.com highly recommend using the KP Duty lotion in conjunction with the scrub, so off I went to the closest Sephora.  The second I got to the wall with the DERMAdoctor products two women came up to me singing the product’s praises.  Completely unsolicited too as they were brand reps for other companies.  This duo was NOT cheap, at $90 for the pair, but I figured if it worked for my arms it would absolutely be worth it.

Fast forward to two weeks later.  I’ve been 95% diligent with applying the lotion twice a day and using the scrub 3-4 times a week.  The lotion does take a few minutes to absorb, so a few times I was too lazy to apply before crashing into bed.

I am absolutely shocked to see that my KP is slowly but surely clearing up.  It’s not disappearing as fast as I would hope or the Sephora gals implied, but I know everyone reacts differently.  It is safe to say that 70% of my red bumps have faded significantly and the patches of spots have cleared up a good deal too.  It’s not completely gone, but I’ve never had a product show any results so I’m happy!  As I mentioned, I still have some time before Hawaii so my plan is to use this until Sunday Sept 12, and then stop the week before sun exposure as recommended by the package.  Since I’ll be in the glorious sun much more than usual (COVERED in sunscreen of course since i hate wrinkles) I want to make sure the product is completely off my skin and there is not risk of burn.  Oh yeah. this product does make you more susceptible to UV Rays, so be incredibly careful when using it!!!

Phew… what a mouthful. Thanks for sticking around to read it!  I hope this helps many people, KP is not a fun thing to deal with.


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