Lash Fusion XL mascara

Big.  FAT… obese lashes.  Yup, I said super fat.

Known for the original lip plumping gloss that promised a Kim Kardashian style pout, Fusion Beauty created LashFusion XL Mascara.  The micro-technology in this mascara delivers insanely plump lashes through a combo of fatty acids, avocado oil, and wheat flour lipids. 

There are a few things that make me go gaga for this mascara… 1) plump lashes. Duh. 2) the formula is very moisturizing due to all of the oil compounds.  I have yet to see a flake because of this mascara, and lastly 3) because it is so hydrating, I find this mascara layers superbly well and your lashes will not break.

Those folks at FusionBeauty REALLY know what they are doing.  1-2 coats gives you dramatic lashes for day without being overwhelming.  3+ coats alleviates the need for falsies or extra black liner against the lash line.


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