Pore Strips for Adults

Remember those white pore strips from about 15 years ago?  Well, Boscia put a new spin on the pore strips and made them more sophisticated.  I mean, black goes with everything, right?

Boscia is the leading preservative-free skincare company out there, if you ask me.  They believe that making products without preservatives allows for a gentler and less irritating product, therefore beneficial to all types of skin out there.  We are exposed to so many chemicals in our every day life that choosing a product with out some, can’t hurt right?

Ok lets get back to your pores.  So I remember using Biore pore strips back in the day, and was on board to try these Purifying Black Strips from Boscia.  The KEY ingredient that grabs all that icky dirt from your skin is the charcoal powder; the charcoal powder is to clogged pores as I am to red velvet cake.  All over it.  (my friends and family are laughing right now)

To use, wash your face like normal, leaving your nose area wet, apply the strip and let dry for 15 minutes.  Myself and a few friends test drove these strips recently, and EVERYONE had something to show on their strip after it was removed.  (BTW I found the removal of the strip virtually painless)  I have fairly small pores around my nose and was blown away by what was pulled out… there was dirt in there just hard to see.  Others had what they described a little forest of dirt.  It sounds gross, but is oddly fascinating to check out once complete.  Aside from the magical charcoal powder, you have jojoba for antioxidant properties and to combat free radical damage.  In addition there is witch hazel extract to tighten the pores and silica for controlling oil.

According to the company’s website in a four-week independent clinical study on women between the ages of 18 and 65:
• 90% reported their pores appeared less visible
• 90% found over time with continued use, their pores were clear of dirt and oil
• 90% reported their skin was less oily
• 85% reported their skin felt softer and smoother

So go make your own personal forest of dirt!


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