A little “dirty” Texture from Bumble and Bumble

Beachy waves are so incredibly sexy, and if you can’t spend your summer by the ocean to obtain that gritty wave you can try Bumble & Bumble’s Texture Styling Creme.

You’re probably thinking “Well duh B&B has Surf Spray and that will give you those waves,” but I must admit I have yet to try it.  Sad, I know.  But hey, what I do have in my bathroom right now is Texture.  So lets discuss, shall we?

I was startled by the amount of volume I got with this creme, especially at the roots!  While my hair was still damp from the shower, I put a smidge of this pasty creme on my hands and worked it through all of my hair as best I could.  Even massaging at the roots.

I will admit, this creme is not viscous so it took some work to make my hands apply the product all over, so be warned.  As instructed I let my hair air dry and it formed into gorgeous textured waves without any frizz.  Texture added exactly that to my hair, so it really stayed voluminous and wavy the entire day without falling flat or loosing shape.

Rock on.  in fact, be sure to rock on at a concert wearing this creme.

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