velvet matte lip pencil from NARS

When I think of matte lip color, I think of thick opaque color that dries the crap out of my lips.

Enter NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.  You can’t help but feel giddy when using this jumbo crayon because it reminds of you those fan-tab-u-lous boxes of Crayola from elementary school.  Each matte pencil is STUFFED SILLY with Vitamin E, which allows the color to be moisturizing on your lips.  Fear not matte lovers, there is no glossy sheen to these pencils.  It’s all about pure color.  It’s crazy because you only need to apply one layer of this lip crayon-pencil, and you most certainly see color, but the crazy part is that the color is so light and lovely on your lips.  No old lady thick sticks here.

I have been using Dolce Vita, with is a lovely strawberry-coraly crayon.  These are perfect for your summer makeup bag because they will stay in one piece.  Get a little crazy and use the pencil on your cheeks when you are in a pinch.


One thought on “velvet matte lip pencil from NARS

  1. I, too, have loved using this velvet matte lip pencil. I have it in Bahama, which looks pretty dark, but you can apply it pretty lightly to get the intensity of color you want – and still feel the moisture. It’s a weird (but good) experience to feel moisture from a pencil!

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