Summer Nude Polish by Zoya

In my July BirchBox shipment I received a bottle of Zoya’s Shay Polish from the Touch Collection.  Here are two photos of the polish on me.  Please forgive the crappy job I did, my nails are recovering from a Shellac job… and I might have pealed the polish off on my own and therefore destroyed my nails.

The polish is showing up in the pictures a bit more yellow than I prefer, but that being said this is a great metallic nude with peachy-golden undertones.  I think Pandora might be a better shade for my skin tones as it’s warmer with a bit more blue, but Shay will do the trick just fine.  What I LOVED about the Zoya polish is that it took just one coat to get this opaque look.  One coat = less polish used = better bang for your buck.

To get a glimpse at what Pandora looks like, check out Laurie’s Post from my beloved Product Girl the other week.  (She always gives herself a great at home mani!)

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