Shop @ a Kiehl’s store today and get 15% off

Listen up fellow junkies!  Today is a great day.  Why is it a great day?  Well not only do you get to shop at one of my favorite skincare stores and receive 15% off in stores the entire day, BUT your purchases help raise money for an amazing organization called amFAR.

amFAR, The Foundation for Aids Research, has invested over $300 Million towards AIDS research since 1985.  They also work  to educate people and on prevention, treatment options, and the advocacy of AIDS-related public policy.  All this week Kiehl’s has partnered with amfAR for LifeRide, a motorcycle ride all across PA to NYC to continue to raise awareness about the disease.

Why are you still sitting here reading my brief post?  GO!  SHOP!

Ok, maybe you need a little help on what Kiehl’s products to purchase?  No problemo.

-You all are very well aware of my obsession with Midnight Recovery Complex, and if you need a refresher click here.

-The Ultimate Strength Hand Salve is what I use every single night before bed to keep my hands soft and hydrated.

-My guy enjoys the invigorating sensation this gentle cleanser gives him in the morning, check out Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash.

-Speaking of the guys, my man and some of my guy friends really like the texture of the Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream and how it helps prevent razor burn.

-Worried that there’s too much mercury or parabens in your masacara?  Then try the Marvelous Mineral Mascara, it will lengthen and plump your lashes just as good as your regular one.  But it’s safer!

-I love the Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion because it’s incredibly moisturizing, smells delicious, natural and safe for your body, AND contains the miracle ingredient of the hour, Argan.  I’ve found that it’s helping the scar from my ACL surgery heal faster than regular lotion BTW… just saying… I think it’s awesome.  Yes it’s expensive, but a lovely splurge.

Ok I’m done going on and on.  Go to the store.  Spend some money.  Save 15%.  Tell me what you bought!


2 thoughts on “Shop @ a Kiehl’s store today and get 15% off

    • Hey Chrissy! I think this would be fine. To start, I would only use one drop of the oil. It’s incredibly light and should smooth all over your skin. You might want to avoid using other products in conjunction with it until you know how your skin reacts. In fact, I’ve read MANY reviews on about the product where combination skin users found that the Midnight Recovery Concentrate actually helped to balance their skin. If you are worried at all, run to your closed Kiehl’s shop and ask for a sample. They are always great about providing samples to use.

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