Keeping your Wedding Makeup in place

My younger sister tied the knot this past weekend back in Syracuse, NY.  It was a lovely wedding, and we got to see the majority of our family and friends.  Congratulations!!

I was tickled when Sis asked me to do her makeup for the wedding, and I am pretty sure it was more fun for me than her.  Being the forgetful doofus that I am, I failed to take Before and After pictures.  In the long run, I think Sis will be thankful for that, but I sadly don’t have anything to share with you just yet.

Back to business.

The biggest challenge in doing her makeup was keeping it from melting off in the HOT and HUMID weather that Syracuse has during the summer.  I remember reading in one of my many magazines this past year, that 30 Rock actress Jane Krakowski swears by Laura Mercier’s setting powder to keep her makeup in place and keep skin looking soft in photographs.  Keeping that in mind, I started digging around on and

Liking what I saw in the reviews, I purchased this loose powder  made from French Cashmere Talc and am incredibly glad I did.  It was suggested that I avoid using a brush to apply this powder, rather a makeup sponge.  After applying all of my sister’s makeup, I pressed the sponge into the powder and then gently patted the powder onto her face and neck.  As described, the powder was undetectable on her skin and you couldn’t feel it either.

The ceremony was outside in the middle of day, and we all stared right into the blazing hot sun.  The glorious part?  The Laura Mercier powder absolutely positively helped her makeup stay on her face without any oily spots the entire night.  I used the powder on myself too, and experienced the same results.  No clogged pores either.  Can’t wait to see how the photos turn out!!


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