Bumble and Bumble says “Let it shine!”

Despite what my mom says, I have very fine hair… I just happen to have lots of it.  My mom seems to think it’s thick, but trust me, my hair is fine.  I tend to use many volumizing products and shampoos, and LOVE me some Bumble & Bumble products.  Big fan of their Super Rich Conditioner once a week to rejuvenate my locks.

At my last hair appointment at Public Salon here in San Francisco, my stylist recommended I try the new “Let it Shine” shampoo and conditioner as they are specifically designed to be light weight and therefore a good match for my hair.

Enter: satisfied customer.

The magical ingredient in the Let It Shine products is Sunflower-Powder that truly cleanses each strand to remove residue whilst protecting your hair’s natural oils.  As for what it does in the conditioner, the Sunflower-Powder works with those natural oils to lightly condition and reflect light.  Now when I say “lightly condition” I’m not talking about a worthless conditioner that requires major tugging of a comb in your hair post shower.  The Let It Shine conditioner really, REALLY de-tangles and conditions your hair without weighing it down at all.  As I mentioned above, I love the Super Rich conditioner, but it is too heavy for me to use on my hair every single day.

But wait, that’s not all!  In addition to a Shampoo and Conditioner, there’s a Shine On Finishing Spray!  I love using this product to give me movie star shiny hair.  As with any shine enhancing gloss, use sparingly.  My stylist (whose name I don’t want to mention for fear that all you San Francisco readers will book her and leave no room for me) advised me to sprtiz 1-2 pumps in my hands, and then gently work it through my hair, but avoiding my roots.  Because your roots tend to get the greasiest from your body’s own moisture and oil, it’s best to avoid any glosses close to them.

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a convert.

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