A little “Lash Love” from Mary Kay

When I was 17 I fell head over heels for Mary Kay’s Timewise system- it was AWESOME and my skin literally glowed from using the 3-in-1 cleanser and moisturizer.  (and as i go to hyperlink to the product i notice the updated sleek new packaging- check it out!!!)

Years later, I’ve found yet another spectacular Mary Kay product; it’s their new Lash Love mascara.  What makes this mascara so special is the unique brush, designed to truly separate each lash with it’s plastic “hairs.”  I always find that mascaras with this style applicator do the best job at giving you a very feathery lash.  Lash Love’s formula is incredibly thick, so you truly only need one coat to get a sincerely voluminous look.  It’s also reinforced with Vitamin E to keep your lashes from drying out or the mascara becoming brittle.  When it comes to removing my makeup at night, something about this concoction really stuck to my lashes so I would have to use eye makeup remover AND my regular cleanser.

This mascara retails for $15, and right now Mary Kay is offering a bundle for $30 that includes the mascara, eye makeup removed and eye lash curler.  SWEET!


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