The Multiple by NARS

Lately I’ve been on a “high-lighting” kick because all the gals on the red carpet seem to emit this pearly glow on their cheekbones.  Determined to create this same look on myself I sought out one of my favorite make up brands, NARS, for their stellar product called The Multiple.

These multi-purpose sticks can be used on lips, eyes, face and body to highlight and/or accentuate each spot.  I happened to have The Multiple in Luxor, which is an iridescent pink, therefore perfect for achieving the pearly glow on my cheekbones.

To give my face an angelic glow I apply my makeup as usual… foundation-bronzer-blush etc… then take a clean finger and rub some of the creamy formula on to it.  Next, i gently dab the product on top of my cheekbones right under my eyes and blend.  Perfection!  This color is also fantastic to highlight under my brow bone, or use as an eye shadow base.  The Multiple comes in a variety of shades that are perfect for all of the suggested uses.  If you are looking to save space, grab one for contouring and for a blush and you are set.


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