a lip gloss with high shine & little expense

Ok get this, on a recent trip to Target I stopped by the ELF Cosmetics section to try out some of their pretty (and CHEAP) brushes… and I also picked up some of ELF’s “Super Glossy Lip Shine.”  I’m so in love with it I can’t hold it in any longer!!

This gloss comes a number of natural, pink, blush, coral and berry tones.  Added benefit: SPF 15!  So that means I can wear these glossies when skiing again (yes even post knee surgery i will attempt to tackle the mountain this winter) or on the Beaches of Hawaii (going to Kauai this September) and keep them moisturized, shiny and protected from the elements.

What is the absolute best thing about this gloss?  Could it be that it was only A SINGLE DOLLAR?!?!  OR could it be that it’s thick enough to act as a gloss but not in the least bit waxy in feeling.  AKA- no hair sticking to the lip.  Honestly, I can’t decide what the best feature about this gloss is?  It even tastes good.

I’ll be happy to purchase the entire collection on my next trip, and still stay under $20, but we’ll have to see if my guy can stand another basket o goodies in the extra bathroom.

Happy Weekend Junkies!


2 thoughts on “a lip gloss with high shine & little expense

  1. Thanks dear. You know how much I love lip gloss and hate when hair sticks to your lip! I’m going to go find this!

  2. Thanks to your terrific blog, I took your advice and just ordered several of these glosses! For $1, you can’t go wrong. Thanks for the fabulous tips, friend!

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