What’s up with Facial Mists?

I received Pangea Organic’s Italian Green Mandarin with Sweet Lime Toner in my most recent Birchbox shipment.  Some of my favorite Beauty bloggers (Elizabeth with Beauty Bets and Carla with Product Girl) preach the wonders that are face sprays or spray toners so I was curious to check this out.

The product directions suggest using this toner post cleansing, and the Birchbox instructions suggest using it as an “on-the-go” refresher.  All similar to what I’ve read on the blogs.

Lets spritz-spritz away then, shall we?

The PO toner claims to help your other products absorb into the skin better to allow them to be even more effective, so of course I was down for this.  I’ve been spraying twice a day, after I wash my face, and the smell of this toner is divine!  The citrus and gentle spice are invigorating waking me up no matter what the circumstance.  Quite lovely.  As for my skin?  At this point, I’m indifferent to the toner’s effect.  There is no visible change to my skin, but more importantly and thankfully I have not been irritated by the toner.

I’ll continue to use this until I empty the bottle, along with my other products, and see if anything fabulously-extra occurs.  Lets see what happens!

One thought on “What’s up with Facial Mists?

  1. I keep a mist by my desk at work. Like many others, I work in an over air conditioned office (over heated in the winter) which dries out my skin. Not only does this hydrate my skin, but it also freshens up my makeup.

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