Challenge: An All Encompassing Makeup Palette

My friend Nadia recently asked me to suggest a small and compact makeup palette that would fit in her carry-on AND be appropriate for a formal wedding that she’s heading to.  Bring ON the challenge!

Detective MascaraJunkie was on the case, and here were my criteria: 1) neutral shadow/eye color 2) blush or bronzer 3) versatile lip color.

I sent Nadia a half-dozen choices, but these are my top three.

You know how I feel about NARS, so it should be no surprise that I chose the Artist Palette in “Wild At Heart” for it’s full range of options in one compact.  Orgasm Blush is included, and of course that is my #1 blush color and looks amazing on all skin tones.  On TOP of that those smart artists at NARS poured in The Multiple in South Beach which can be used as a highlighter, lip color, eye color, decolletage accent color… yes the options are endless.  As for the eye shadows included, you’ve got my required neutrals to act as a base and then darker colors for contouring in the lid or they can be used as eye liner if you bring an angled brush and apply a dab of water.  Do I even need to address the perfect lip colors dancing at the bottom of the palette?  Blend Baby Doll and Manhunt together for the picture perfect pout.

On Deck we have Stila’s Stunning in Sayulita – Collectible Beach Palette No. 1. Ok so maybe there isn’t a lip color in here, but for $14 it’s a great buy and a Stila Lip & Cheek stain won’t take up too much more room in your bag! I La-La-Love the eye shadows with Stila, their formulas always last long and provide just enough color where you want it.  Within this palette my requisite neutral shadows live, but you can also play up your eyes with the plum and green shades.  (Nadia if you choose this one I think blending the the green on the inner corner of your eye would look fab!)  The warm pink blush and bronzer combo, again, with flatter anyone.

Last up, allow me to introduce a palette from the woman who is the Queen of color palettes… Ms Bobbi Brown.  The Pretty Powerful Palette contains everything I want.  Bobbi’s seriously creamy lip colors from nude to a magenta, then a versatile pink eye shadow quad, followed by a pink blush just as exquisite as my beloved Orgasm.

I think you’ve heard enough from me for one day.  Happy Hump Day Junkies!  xoxo


2 thoughts on “Challenge: An All Encompassing Makeup Palette

  1. They have the stila palette at Urban Outfitters, and i almost bought it per your recommendation, but the line was long and i needed to get back from my lunch break!

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