Apparently seaweed keeps you hydrated.

I’m not going to lie, I never try new products right after an allergic reaction, but this time the skin care gods told me it was worth it.  (and the website reviews for this product by sensitive skin sufferers did too)

As you may have read in my previous post, I was in LA for a wedding this past weekend.  Four nights in a super dry hotel room.  Well… the hotel wasn’t that bad but I still was suffering with super weird and dry skin post-bad-facial.  Enter: Mario Badescu’s Seaweed Night Cream.

The cream felt incredibly thick and luxe, and it did not clog my pores one bit.  I am pretty sure it helped my skin recover faster and allowed me to wake up with luminous and supple skin!  This was the perfect recovery product for me.

Oh and check out the price for this- only $20 for a 1oz jar!  Yes, this is a brand I will explore more of, especially for that price.


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