My daytime “smokey eye”

I tend to keep my makeup pretty simple during the day, especially where the eyes are concerned.  A neutral shadow like Stila’s Kitten, an eye liner, mascara and I’m good to go.  Not long ago I wandered through the cosmetics department in Bloomingdale’s and was approached by a Nars makeup artist to have my makeup done.  Uhh- yes no problem, thankyouverymuch.

I told Danny, the artist, that I was interested in a new day look for my eyes and he came up with what he called a daytime appropriate smokey eye.  While I should have taken better notes, I’ve  essentially re-created this look many times and would like to share it with you!  AND… it takes seconds to create so anyone can do it!

After applying all appropriate primers, I start with Nars cream shadow in “Nomad.”  This is a beautiful mossy green and helps create a pretty foundation for my shadow.  Then I sweep the Bronze Taupe, from the Earth Angel eye shadow duo all over my lid with my fingers.  Using their small domed brush (which is the absolute best blending brush out there if you ask me) I blend in the Olive shade from Earth angel into the outside corner of my lid.  Lastly, I line my lower lids with the Kyoto colored pencil to finish the “smokey” like look.

To finish off my eyes, I throw some of Benefit’s Eye bright on the inner corners of my eye and then whatever mascara I feel like.  Eye bright is a fabulous and versitile pencil that highlights under your brows, the inner corners of your eyes or the top of your cheek bones.  Essentially any place you would like to brighten up a bit.

So that’s it- my easy as pie two minute daytime eye.

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